Vitabelle Hydrating Series

Keep your skin hydrated

The magical fruit for skin

Schisandra is a magical berry that has all five tastes: sweetness, sourness, bitterness, saltiness and spiciness. Enriched with bioactive ingredients, including Schisandrin B, Vitamin C and organic acids, Schisandra restores your skin to a balanced, healthy, hydrated, and vibrant state.

Vitabelle Hydrating Cleanser

Antioxidant and Hydration in One Lotion!

Highly effective Antioxidant: Schisandra Performs the triple action of elimination, activation and protection!

Hydration: Jojoba seed oil
Known as "golden liquid wax”, being gentle and non-greasy, locks in moisture, improves the skin's suppleness.

Toning & Moisturizing: Grape seed oil
Hydrates and moisturizes the skin, making it soft and fresh without the greasy feel of oils.

Size: 125g

Directions for Use:

After cleaning the skin, apply suitable amount to the face and neck.