Lily Bulb Plus

Lily Bulb Plus

Modern lifestyle is besieged by severe air pollution. Pollutants such as car exhaust, dust and the act of smoking irritate our respiratory system and may cause damage to our lungs such as dry mouth and tongue, redness at the tip of the tongue, dry cough with little phlegm, thick yellow phlegm, dry nose and throat, thirst and hoarseness.

Lily Bulb Plus is formulated from fig, lily bulb, honey etc. based on the principles of traditional Chinese medical theory. These herbs are carefully blended with high-quality honey to create a mild, sweet and refreshing concoction. Daily consumption helps to nourish the lungs, promotes fluid production, relieves thirst and reduces heatiness.

Size: 600ml

Key Ingredients :

Fig, Lily bulb, Honey

Directions for Use:

Dilute 1 part to 4-5 parts warm or cold water before drinking. Shake well before use.