KI Essence

KI Essence

KI Essence is formulated based on children’s physiology needs, focusing on common childhood issues such as loss of appetite and poor digestion. KI Essence combines the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine to produce a unique formula that helps to improve your child’s fitness and help him build a strong and healthy foundation for his future.

KI Essence is not only rich in polysaccharide that strengthens the immune functions, but also contains multiple Chinese herbs to strengthen the spleen and stomach, increase appetite and improve immunity. KI Essence is also rich in multiple trace elements, vitamins and amino acid that are essential to provide adequate support to your child’s growth and development. The content of polysaccharides in KI Essence strengthens the immune system of teenagers and children, which helps to reduce the infection of diseases. It also boosts their spleen and stomach as well as increases their appetites.

Size: 10ml x 60 bottles

Key Ingredients :

Hawthorn, Poria, White fungus, Oyster shell, Shiitake mushroom, Wolfberry, Smoked plum, Enoki mushroom

Directions for Use:

Take 1 bottle, 3 times daily before meal.