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BeneLife Health Care Pillow

With five comfortable unique features, Health Care Pillow incorporates modern technology and ancient Chinese wisdom on health regimen to give you the ultimate sleep experience!

1. Pressure Relief – soothing contours & Space memory foam

2. Flexible Adjustment – additional levels of filing

3. Cool & Refreshing – Air holes in matrix pattern

4. Antibacterial & Clean – antibacterial, anti-mite, and mildew-resistant pillow cover

5. Soft to Skin – Tencel pillow cover

International Authoritative Certifications:

• Antibacterial testing – Health Care Pillow has passed the tests conducted by TUV, an international certification

• European Union’s environmental protection standards – Double certifications from SGS and TUV

Size: 1 Pillow / Box

Key Ingredients:

Tencel pillow cover - Hand washing at low temperature recommended.

Maintain of pillow: Do not wash. Allow the pillow to air dry in a ventilated place.