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Quality Assurance


INFINITUS perseveres in maintaining it positioning as the Chinese herbal products manufacturer and set to continue promoting the Chinese healthcare philosophy, and guided by its own principle of “Promoting Healthy Life through Life Nurturing and Vitality Assurance”. In other words, nurturing the foundation of good health is the means to ward off ailments. The concept is to further explore the usage of quality, modern technology to formulate, develop and produce Chinese herbal products that are of high quality and efficacy.

INFINITUS has grown from one single brand with only one product into today’s size and diversity with a complete range of health care products, skin care products, personal care and home care solutions, to meet the needs and demands of consumers.

INFINITUS currently carries more than 80 products in six major brands. The company strives to provide high quality products and services to consumers, and consistently upgrade and improve its products so to bring beauty and good health to even more people.

INFINITUS is steadfast in its pursuit of quality, and hence founded the INFINITUS Quality Management Advisory Board, so that can stay on track to meet the worldwide consumers’ demands. The company has received the GB/T22000:2006 / ISO22000:2005, ISO9001:2008, HACCP and GMP certifications as well as the prestigious “China Quality Award”, “China Top 10 Companies in Food Safety Award” and “China’s Most Socially Responsible Company in Food Safety Award”.

INFINITUS has also been awarded the “National Model Company for Food Safety” accolade, the country’s highest honour in food safety for 10 consecutive years. The award is jointly evaluated and awarded by the National High-Tech Food Industrialisation Commission, the China National Trade Promotion Association, China Food Quality Newspaper, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State Food and Drug Administration, the China National Food Industry Association, National Food Industry Association, and the Beijing Municipal Food Safety Office.

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