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Infinitus Inpolysac Herbal Mix Dietary Supplement Product Wins Product of The Year in Thailand’s Smart Awards 2022


Inpolysac Herbal Mix Dietary Supplement Product, a signature product of Infinitus, has won “Product of The Year” in Thailand’s Smart Awards 2022. Co-organized by Nadee Networking Publishing and the Department of Industrial Promotion Ministry of Industry of Thailand, the 3rd Thailand’s Smart Award Ceremony was held in Marriott Hotel, 2 Soi Sukhumvit 57, Bangkok. Ms. Kathy Zou, Business Development Manager of Infinitus Health Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd. , represented the Company to attend and receive the award.


Nadee Network Publishing (a.k.a. The Power Network) is a premium media company in Thailand, specialized in digital marketing, insurance, franchises, real estate and lifestyle topics. Over the past 18 years, the Company has been reporting various trending businesses and industry knowledge in the aforementioned sectors. Numerous articles by renowned scholars and economists were also featured. The Award Assessment Committee selected the awardees based on a set of specially designed criteria, including the overall achievements and annual performance of each company product.


Infinitus Inpolysac Herbal Mix Dietary Supplement Product is a product which combines the Chinese herbal compound formula with modern polysaccharide technology. Having accumulated 30 years of research efforts and experience, the golden ratio of each ingredient is precisely calculated. The final polysaccharide compound used in the product is effective in regulating immunity. The product has been certified by SGS, DRRR (Germany), LGS (Britain), and has passed the British FAPAS Heavy Metals in Food Supplement Proficiency Test. Polysaccharide can be directly absorbed within the intestines, and it effectively activates the immune system*. In addition to that, the polysaccharide compound provides 1+1>2** effects, given the synergistic reactions within the scientifically calculated combination of the selected ingredients. With better immunity system, it help people relieve common sub-optimal health symptoms, including poor sleep quality, chronic fatigue, low energy level and lack of appetite. Since launch, the product has received massive positive feedback, and has developed itself into the signature product with excellent reputation.


Infinitus has always been committed to providing consumers with high-quality Chinese herbal health products. We co-developed various product series with globally renowned research institutes. Accompanied with our proprietary health concept that suggests the “Three Restorations,Four Habits”, we provide consumers as well as their family and friends with personalized and specific health solutions, base on their individual needs.


We genuinely look forward to bringing more health benefits to people in Thailand and the rest of the world, by making Inpolysac Herbal Mix Dietary Supplement Product and many other Infinitus products available in the global market.

* Clinical Microbiology Reviews, Harvard Medical School

** Research Report on The Synergy Effect between Compound Polysaccharide, Infinitus Chinese Herbal Immunity Research Center


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