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919 Infinitus Global Walking Day – Walk for A Better Immunity Health


19 Sep 2021 is Infinitus Global Walking Day. Infinitus (China) and Infinitus (Overseas) worked together to organize both online and offline walking activities. Participants from Mainland China, Hong Kong (China), Taiwan (China), Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Thailand, the Philippines and Kazakhstan actively responded to the call.

This year, the activity theme is “Walk for A Better Immunity Health”. We aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and raise the attention of enhancing immunity health in each region. To call for more participants, Infinitus (Overseas) held a “919 Global Walking Challenge”. A total of 7 Infinitus overseas markets took the challenge and Infinitus (Hong Kong) won to receive Infinitus’ fabulous prize! Each overseas market organized and promoted its creative local activities through various online platforms. For example, Infinitus (Malaysia and Singapore) and Infinitus (Philippines) held a ZOOM virtual walking event and Tik Tok online walking challenge respectively. As participants from all over the globe walked a total of 900 million steps reaching a common goal, Infinitus practiced the corporate social responsibility to donate anti-pandemic products to 100 rural villages and primary schools in poverty-stricken areas, as well as supporting the Happy Football Programme in China.

This year’s 919 Infinitus Global Walking Day came to a satisfactory close. Infinitus will continue to promote public welfare by organizing health activities and expanding the influence of the activity. We wish to spread our Infinitus’ health concept and make this “Walking Day” remarkable all over the globe.

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