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CIRCE Publishes A High-Level Article in Internationally Renowned Academic Journal


Solid scientific research is a powerful game changer to an enterprise. In 2015, Infinitus co-established Cambridge Infinitus Research Centre (hereinafter referred as CIRCE) with the University of Cambridge, a globally renowned university. Following five years of great collaboration, the two parties have recently renewed the contract for further collaboration.

CIRCE has made new research progress recently, and has published The Structure and Global Distribution of The Endoplasmic Reticulum Network Are Actively Regulated by Lysosomes in Science Advances. Science Advances is an important publication under the umbrella of Science, the internationally renowned academic journal. The recent publication has marked a significant milestone to kick off the new chapter of the future collaboration between the two parties.

The research received widespread attention since it has been published. Massive coverage about the research includes a long and thorough report on the homepage of the official website of The University of Cambridge, and a special featuring story on the homepage of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology of the University of Cambridge, highlighting the important research results. Explainers’ videos were also specially produced for public viewing.

Aging is a natural and inevitable process in the human body. What we can do and pursue is a slower and healthier aging process that makes us less vulnerable to illnesses. Endoplasmic reticulum, lysosomes and mitochondria are essential components of cells. Researching their structure and functionality helps us better understand how to maintain homeostasis and delay aging, which eventually will direct us to locate new effective biological targets to develop products that support healthy aging.

It is reported that CIRCE scientists have applied advanced molecular imaging technology, cell biology, and artificial intelligence to visualize live cell activities in ultra-high resolution, from where a new intracellular responsive mechanism and a new mechanism for maintaining the health of neurons were discovered.  The discovery has provided brand new research direction, analytical methods and targets for further in-depth study in anti-aging product development and application. It also provides valuable insights for future research on the mechanism of the anti-aging product efficacy.

Since its establishment, CIRCE has always been committed to studying the screening and mechanism of action of the effective ingredients of Chinese medicinal herbs by utilizing advanced technologies, including molecular biology. In the future, Infinitus will continue to deepen scientific research collaboration with the University of Cambridge. We shall focus on anti-aging products, and shall accelerate the process of converting scientific research results to actual application. We strive to provide the general public with more high-quality health products, supporting more people to acquire health, beauty and happiness.

Further information: Science Advances is a comprehensive scientific journal covering all academic fields. It is a top scientific research publishing platform, which publishes high-level research efforts with significant developments and progresses. The journal is highly recognized by the academic communities worldwide, with an increasing impact factor (an important indicator for measuring the influence of academic journals) year by year. The latest impact factor of Science Advances has reached 13.116 in 2020.

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