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4 Infinitus Products Awarded by Monde Selection 2019


On June 3, 2019, Monde Selection's Annual Awards Ceremony 2019 was held in Rome, Italy. Four Infinitus products stood out among other participants and received numerous awards from Monde Selection, alongside international brands including Coca Cola, Quaker, Brand’s and Maxim’s!

Established in 1961, Monde Selection has been dedicated to the examination and evaluation of product quality in the food industry for 58 years. Monde Selection is one of the most renowned third-party food quality evaluation specialists in the world.

In 2019, participants from 90 countries submitted 2,948 products to Monde Selection. Infinitus submitted four products for evaluation, in the categories of "Diet & Health Products" and "Cosmetic Products & Toileteries" respectively. Based on official standards and regulations established in the European Union and the United States of America, the judges conduct a strict evaluation of each product category utilizing over 20 criteria, including ingredients, efficacy and safety.

Following a rigorous series of evaluations, Infinitus Health Tonic, Phytocare Toothpaste, and Shanlexing Probiotics Solid Drink all three received the Gold Award, while Infinitus Gest-Aid Plus received the Bronze Award. Infinitus Health Tonic and Phytocare Toothpaste have received the Gold Award for three consecutive years. In recognition of its high standard of product quality, Monde Selection awarded Infinitus with the "High International Quality Trophy". Infinitus Shanlexing Probiotics Solid Drink received the Gold Award for the second time.

Infinitus Products Awarded by Monde Selection 2015-2019

Gold Award: Beautrio Whitening Essence
Silver Award: Dried Tangerine Peel Pu’er Tea (Classic)

Silver Award: Blueberry Drink, Collagen Drink, Beautrio Whitening Moisturizing Series, Beautrio Intensive Repairing Treatment
Bronze Award: Health Tonic, Gest-Aid Plus

Gold Award: Health Tonic, Beetroot Blended Juice, Blueberry and Blackcurrant Blended Juice, Gold Kiwifruit Blended Juice, Phytocare Toothpaste
Silver Award: Gold Peach Blended Juice, Zhi Xing Solid Drink
Bronze Award: Chang Yan Solid Drink, Yan Dong Solid Drink

Gold Award: Health Tonic, Shan Le Xing Probiotics Solid Drink, Phytocare Toothpaste, Beautrio Extreme Firming Face Essence, Beautrio Extreme Firming Night Cream
Silver Award: Qi Premium Nutrient Herbal Essence
Bronze Award: Gest-Aid Plus, Royal Lingzhi Plus

Gold Award: Health Tonic, Phytocare Toothpaste, Shan Le Xing Probiotics Solid Drink
Bronze Award: Gest-Aid Plus

Infinitus has distinguished itself among other international brands, having first received awards from Monde Selection in 2015, and being granted high quality awards for five consecutive years. Numerous Infinitus products have been granted the distinction of a Gold Award from Monde Selection. Recognition from this globally recognized third-party independent assessment organization grants Infinitus merit for its high quality products and rigorous quality management.

Moving forward, Infinitus will continue to pursue its mission of “advocating the excellence of Chinese wellness traditions for a healthy life with balance, abundance and harmony”, by providing the world with more effective high quality Chinese herbal health products and services.

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