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Infinitus participated in "China-Philippines Forum on the Belt and Road Initiative" to promote Chinese health concept


In recent years, China-Philippines relations have reached new heights with the implementation of the "Belt and Road Initiative". The success brought about the opportunity of "China-Philippines Forum on People-to-People Exchange & Economic Cooperation" in Manila, Philippines on 26th July. The forum consists of one main forum and three parallel sub-forums. The main forum was hosted by China Public Diplomacy Association and Presidential Communications Operations Office of the Philippines and was organized by Global Times Online and Confucius Institutes at the Ateneo de Manila University. Meanwhile, it was specially supported by Embassy of China in the Republic of the Philippines. The co-organizers of forum included Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industry, LKK Health Products Group and the Philippine Silk Road International Chamber of Commerce.

In the morning's main forum — "China-Philippines Forum on People-to-People Exchange & Economic Cooperation", a number of guests, including the former President of the Philippines Ms. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the Vice President of China Public Diplomacy Association Mr. Hu Zhengyue, the Secretary of Presidential Communications Operations Office Mr. Martin Andanar, the Deputy Chief of Mission, Minister-Counsellor at Embassy of China in the Republic of the Philippines Mr. Tan Qingsheng, the President of Translators Association of China and the former President of China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration Mr. Zhou Mingwei, the President of Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industry. Mr. Henry Lim Bon Liong, the General Manager of Global Times Online Mr. Shan Chengbiao, the Director of the Confucius Institutes at the Ateneo de Manila University Ms. Ellen H. Palanca, Ph.D. etc. delivered their speeches to conclude and share the valuable experience of China-Philippines cooperation as well as present their vision of future cooperation and development.

The afternoon’s sub-forum –"China-Philippines Forum on Culture and Health Industry Cooperation" was hosted by China Public Diplomacy Association and Presidential Communications Operations Office of the Philippines, and was organized by Global Times Online and Confucius Institutes at the Ateneo de Manila University with LKK Health Products Group as co-organizer. This sub-forum focused on the cooperation and development of Chinese wellness traditions and health industry between China and the Philippines under the framework of "Belt and Road Initiative".

The Assistant Secretary of Department of Health of Philippines Dr. Francia M. Laxamana, the former Secretary of the Philippine Department of Health Dr. Paulyn Ubial, the PITAHC Director General Dr. Annabelle Pabiona-De Guzman, the Chairman of Philippine Society of Certified TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturists Dr. Qiming Zheng, the Director of Preventive Treatment of Disease Center of Xiyuan Hospital, CACMS Ms. Zhang Jin, the Professor of Chinese Department of Peking University Mr. Zhang Yiwu, the Vice President of Marketing of LKK Health Products Group Mr. Lucas Xue gathered with a number of health experts to conduct in-depth discussions about the current progress of China-Philippines development in health concept and made a number of suggestions to strengthen the mutual cooperation in the field.

Regarding the cooperation between China and the Philippines in health industry, Mr. Lucas Xue said, "China has been developing close relationship with the Philippines for very long time. The bilateral cooperation let both countries enjoy extensive markets and historic humanity advantages that is worth the effort. As a member of LKK Health Products Group, Infinitus has officially launched the Filipino market in June this year. Infinitus is truly willing to become a health envoy and play an active role in promoting cultural exchange and health industry cooperation between China and the Philippines."

The representatives of Infinitus’s business partners in the Philippines also came to the China-Philippines Health Forum and learnt how experts analyzing the prospects of China-Philippines health industry. In the forum, the representatives also grasped the chance to take photos with Dr. Francia M. Laxamana, Mr. Lucas Xue and Mr. Bill Song, Business Development Support Director of Infinitus.

As the commemorative gift for the forum, Infinitus Philippines’s Pu’er Tea Mix with Tangerine Peel became a highlight of the scene. China's excellent health and wellness culture has become a "National Business Card". As a member of Chinese health industry, Infinitus (China) Company Ltd, a subsidiary of LKK Health Products Group, has been moving towards the world to promote health concepts to people and exhibit Chinese outstanding health and wellness culture.

In the future, Infinitus will continue the cooperation with the Philippine government, scientific research institutions and enterprises in the areas of promotion, personnel training and scientific research to spread wellness knowledge and health concept. We also strive to provide high-quality Chinese herbal health products and services for the Filipinos. Meanwhile, we promise to create job opportunities for the locals and advocate the excellence of Chinese wellness traditions for a healthy life with balance, abundance and harmony.

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