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R & D Strength

 - Infinitus has one of the largest R&D teams working on TCM health products in China. The team comprises of doctors, masters and professionals of various disciplines and sectors.
 -  Infinitus invests hundreds of millions of RMB every year in product research and development, as well as technical skills improvement.
 - Infinitus has a unique R&D system: combining one center (Infinitus R&D Center), key technical platforms and a number of experts from the industry.

 -  Infinitus has "Infinitus Scientific Advisory Board", which has teamed up with 14 senior professors from renowned colleges home and abroad. 

Infinitus has key technical platforms:
 -  Infinitus Chinese Herbal Immunity Research Centre (ICHIRC): co-established with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
 - Joint Laboratory for the Research of Chinese Herbal Polysaccharides - Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica and Infinitus: co-established with Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica.
 -  Beautrio International Skincare Research Center: co-established with Beijing Technology and Business University and I&D Company (former Derma Development).
 - Infinitus Bioactive Peptides Research Centre: comprised of Joint Laboratory of Infinitus and South China University of Technology, and Joint Laboratory of Infinitus and Guangdong Pharmaceutical University. 

-  Cambridge Infinitus Research Center - jointly established by Infinitus (China) Company Ltd. and the University of Cambridge

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