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Uniqueness of Our Products



The systematic modernization of Tradition Chinese Medicine in recent decades, and its integration with Western medicine, has given rise to a new healthcare model increasingly adopted around the world.


We are dedicated to develop an entire line of revolutionary products with emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention based on findings from the latest scientific research on the integration of modern Western medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine. Our products are formulated from time-proven ancient formulas in traditional Chinese medicine and usually comprise multiple herbs in a single formula.


Remarkably, the formulation of the multi-herb concoctions can bring about a synergy that have far greater reaching effects than using a single herb, as portrayed by the mathematical formula “1+1>2”.


Several herbs may target the main ailment with supportive herbs used to enhance them. Still others can be added to further harmonize in the treatment of related organs and imbalances or simply improve taste. It truly is what makes INFINITUS products unique and superior.

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