Gluco8 is formulated from edible herbs with medicinal values such as mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum and chinese yam which are rich with active components, like mulberry polysaccharides and mulberry alkaloids (DNJ). Polysaccharides from mulberry leaves promote insulin secretion by β-cells which enhance glucose intake rate and utilization by cells, as well to increase the synthesis of glycogen. Mulberry DNJ inhibits the decomposition and absorption of disaccharides in the small intestines, which in turn controls the surge of blood sugar level after meals.

In addition, Gluco8 incorporates the Traditional Chinese Medicine method in treating diabetes with modern scientific research with the use of herbs such as mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum and chinese yam. These three herbs work synergistically to build up Qi, regulate body fluids, promote synthesis of body fluids and relieve thirst. It also helps to reduce the effects of hyperglycemic symptoms such as frequent drinking, eating, urination and weight loss.

Size: 10ml x 60 bottles

Key Ingredients :

Mulberry leaves, Chrysanthemum, Chinese Yam

Directions for Use:

Drink 1-2 bottles, twice daily (shake well before drink).