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Si Li Ji Ren

Si Li Ji Ren, meaning the interest of all of us should be considered before taking any action, is the core value of INFINITUS. Si Li Ji Ren includes three core elements:

Taking a Helicopter View

the mindset of "we" instead of "me".

Think from others’perspective

thinking from the angles of others and seeing the whole picture instead of only focusing on "me".

Care about others’ feelings

respecting others, and earning their recognition and attracting their engagement.


Auto-Pilot Leadership Model

The Auto-Pilot Leadership Model, is a management model initiated by INFINITUS with the objectives of maintaining sustained development, creating a "feel good" atmosphere, releasing unlimited potential, and attracting talented staff. The Model includes six elements namely, selecting the right talent, creating a high trust environment, developing a highly effective team, focusing on the common goal, facilitating effective employee empowerment, providing effective coaching and developing talent.

Constant Entrepreneurship

Constant Entrepreneurship is the spirit of INFINITUS. INFINITUS has developed and enriched it to include three aspects:


 A mindset to win, to break through and not to cap.


 Leadership revolution, leverage integration, planned decision making.


 6677, having faith to do and take the responsibility, encouraging creativity.

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